Sahar & Mortaza’s wedding in ‘Iran’

The Afghan wedding ceremony in Iran is unique but has been changed traditionally all over time. Meanwhile, to all Afghan’s the wedding ceremony is a very important ceremony, sumptuous and joyful in which almost all the distant and close families of the bride and groom participate and in which guests are given a full reception.

Sahar and Mortaza’s wedding was held in Qazvin City, while I was visiting Iran December and January , The bride and bridegroom were making surprises for the people ‘guests’ most of them are religious and traditional. As this festival in the cities and areas of Iran provided for particular customs, these two brought people into the adventures with new music, chosen dancing styles, etc. There were no old traditional concepts were applied, which means they have broke traditional taboos.

For the Persian, Wedding photos are important and will be shown over and over to every visitor, friend, and acquaintance, these two young couples also expected few photographers, which I was among them too. Photographers are careful to capture tasteful close-ups of expensive jewellery and costly clothing, but I was in fun of making documentary wedding photography, and these are the expected results. For me, wedding photography is not different from photojournalism and capturing the moment are the real sequins of telling stories.
Thanks to Sahar Vafaie and Mortaza Bakhshi for such an amazing festival and I wish them love, prosperity and sustainably.

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