• 2011 Directed two short fiction film Up to Alphabet and Caricaturist.
• 2011 Directed short documentary for a French production “Little Afghanistan” which screened in many festivals, and TV’s.
• 2009 Directed a documentary film by the name of “Bird Street is my home” by support of Atelier Varan Afghanistan in a 9 months’ workshop in Kabul + Paris.
• 2010 Assistant of a short feature film about election in Afghanistan which was a symbolic feature, peoples is voting for democracy, directed by Shahrbanoo Sadat.
• 2009 Assistant of Scene with Smera Makhmal Baff a famous Iranian Director in film of “Two legs Horse.
• 2005 Directed a short feature film by the name of (Voice of flu city) a photo exhibition for dog, which produced by civil society foundation / UN habitat & European Commission.
• 2005 Cameraman of a documentary film by the name of Noristani Women Parliamentary candidates directed by Taqi Seraj that we were kidnapped by Taliban in Noristan province 2004. Taliban was tried to kill as & when we find a chance we escaped from the hindmost jangle of Noristan to Konar provinces then we came to Nangarhar to come back home in Kabul.
• 2004 Directed a teater play in 3rd national teater festival in Kabul by the Name of Sophocles’ death which was one of best dramatic ply in Festival.
• 2004 Cameraman of a short documentary film by the name of A Day of One Student, directed by Shikeb Mosawi.
• 2004 Assistant of edit for a short film by the name of Qaleen Boffan Kuchak which is about a family who born many children & working hard in a Carpet film directed by Razi Mohibi.

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