About me

IMG_8535I was born in 1983 in Malistan district of Ghazni province in Afghanistan.

I was and still, I am an important voice for social art, media, and human rights activities in Afghanistan.

I have been working with United Nation Office in Kabul as photojournalist, Open Society Organization as deputy director, Third Eye Photojournalism Centre as chief-in-editor, Free Media Organization of Afghanistan “NAI” as a multimedia trainer and i was a lecturer and founder of the Photography Department in Kabul University.

Besides of my works as professional writer and blogger with an extensive portfolio in the fields of human rights, freedom of speech and promotion of democratic culture, i was one of the arrangers of “Human Rights Week” two times with great success in Afghanistan.

I used film as an important tool of expression. “Caricaturists”, “Up to Alphabets”, “The voice of Flu City” “Gypsy Alphabets”, “Little Afghanistan”, “Bird Street Is My Home” and “Under the Eyes of Buddha” are some of the most important short films by me.
“Little Afghanistan” and “Bird Street is My Home” were shown at the international festivals for documentary films such as Leipzig and Documenta in Germany.

In recent years I as young media activist has been attacked and terrorised many times by the enemies of freedom of speech. In 2004, I was kidnapped by the Taliban. After escaping from the Taliban jail, I  continued my works with civil society, media, human rights, arts and culture organizations.  I am playing my role for the positive change, for the developing of a democratic Afghanistan.

In 2012, i received my first award as human rights artist and activist from the Image and Voice of Hope Organization “New York”.

My photographic and cinematic work has been exhibited widely in Afghanistan and abroad.

Me At the other media’s:

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